Client authorization

Client is an application, server or any other device that sends requests to REST API. Client authorization is not related to Authentication.

Each request to REST API must have authorized credentials of the client. Every client gets assigned an unique Client ID & Client Secret. For example, one client with single client authorization, like an e-commerce web server, may transfer data for multiple Profit365 accounts with separate Authentications

Authorization credentials of client (Client ID & Client Secret) must be sent in request header.




ClientID: 569f0803-dba8-485f-a5a7-4af6c3492faa
ClientSecret: sc1vcOTTFLuqjFa5u08UKtKaWl48XSqlm8jMQvrnXnuPvRjqTPgIDI6P1YcR  

Authorization: Basic *** hidden credentials ***
Content-Type: application/json

{ some: "postData" }