General Ledger

Every account in Profit365 has its balances also in a General Ledger. With this API, you can query all your accounts' balances.

Resource information

Authentication required
Access level company
Response JSON / XML
Class Masterdata entity

List all the accounts or find a specific one

Method GET


A full-text search query that is applied on the account codes. You could use full code like 011002, or just the part like 011 to find all the analytic accounts



The type of a date you want to use for filter. Use dateAccounting for accounting date or dateDelivery for the delivery date.



Date from which you want to see the account balances



Date to which you want to see the account balances



Type of the general ledger groups. 4 - analytics, 3 - synthetics, 2 - groups, 1 - classes

Examples Balances for the synthetic account with the code "013" from accounting date 01.01.2018 to accounting date 31.12.2018