Company identification

Authenticated user may have access to several companies. Therefore, request must be linked to exactly one company. In Profit365 web app, this is achieved by using unique subdomains. In API, an company identification must be embedded in request header.

CompanyID: "3f17bfba-8bb0-414c-8709-7df66cdd4652"

When accessing company data, resources are accessed as that user with ACL for that company, so limitations will apply.



ClientID: f8b74af0-0170-4098-8195-b1ec48067d44
ClientSecret: sc1vcOTTFLuqjFa5u08UKtKaWl48XSqlm8jMQvrnXnuPvRjqTPgIDI6P1YcR  
Authorization: apikey HT5tI2DfA9TviUmPwzw8eePVW0zgMvfUyHwEQn5iiHmIT7BAjSKEAlopnqCXKhgcXsjTgcZbg4KeaZyGytTVL
CompanyID: f9962b09-d52f-47a7-92d4-26a08d7a759a  
Content-Type: application/json

{ some: "postData" }